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[Image for 39-IWA]Click 
for More Information In-Wall Audition
Model 39-IWA

Let your customers choose superior sound when they hear the difference well-crafted speakers can make. The In-wall Audition system is a high quality speaker switching system designed for showroom use. You provide an audio source and a wall full of speakers – all the switching equipment you need is included. Made in the USA.

In-Wall Audition system features

  • Eight selector buttons
  • Switching modules
  • Audio amplifier with volume control buttons
  • Easy installation
Categories: AccessEZ Home
[Image for 9A02]Click 
for More Information


Home Theater Touchscreen Software
Model 9A02

AccessPCHT wraps a versatile, informative interface into an elegant one-screen solution for demonstrating home theater. This product is software only, and does not include PC or touchscreen hardware. Requires Model 970 Serial Interface. Made in the USA.
[Image for 972]Click 
for More Information HDMI Switching System Interface
AccessEZ Model 972

Demonstrate today's latest technologies, such as lossless audio, 1080p video, and more, with Audio Authority's AccessEZ switching systems. The Model 972 HDMI Interface allows Model 1374A HDMI switchers to be integrated into an Access™ Demonstration Network, supporting up to 64 HDMI sources in one switching system. One 972 adapter is required per 1374A HDMI switch. Made in the USA.

HDMI switcher (Model 1374A) sold separately.

[Image for 903]Click 
for More Information


Digital Control Panel for AccessEZ
AccessEZ Model 903

The 903 Digital Control Panel can be used for Home and Mobile Audio AccessEZ Demonstration Systems. It features capacity for eight product groups, LED readouts showing the currently selected products, and lockout commands to prevent tampering. Made in the USA.

[Image for 947J]Click 
for More Information A/V Receiver Switching Module
AccessEZ Model 947J

Switches four home theater receivers including analog audio, digital audio, composite video in and out, sub in and out, and five channels of speaker-level output. 

Gold-plated, color coded jacks to maintain maximum signal integrity. Speaker Level terminals are removable for fast installation. Use EZ expansion modules to increase number of switching channels. Made in the USA.





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